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EllMatic & JoDu "Go For Miles"

Ellmatic & JoDu "Train Of Thought"

JoDu and EllMatic's "Train of Thought" Album is one of those to look forward to! HipHop/Soul beats producer and musician JoDu from Germany and MC/singer EllMatic from the Netherlands have teamed up to release their debut collaborative album "Train of Thought" on May 19th 2023. The album is a testament to the power of collaboration, featuring a seamless blend of beats, lyrics, and vocal delivery that create a fresh and captivating sound. JoDu and EllMatic first met four years ago at an event in Koblenz/Germany, where they quickly connected over their shared love of HipHop and Soul music. EllMatic was impressed by JoDu's beats, and the two stayed in touch, eventually deciding to collaborate on an album. Over the course of two years, the duo worked tirelessly on the project, recording and fine- tuning each track in JoDu's home studio. The result is a 12-track album that showcases their individual strengths while also pushing each other to new heights. "Train of Thought" takes listeners on a journey through a range of emotions and sonic landscapes, from the soulful beats to the introspective lyrics. The album is a true collaboration, with JoDu's beats providing the perfect backdrop for EllMatic's lyrical prowess and captivating vocal delivery. JoDu and EllMatic have created something truly special with this album, and it is sure to resonate with music lovers of all genres. Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of this dynamic duo. The video/single "Go For Miles" is live now on Youtube and all major Download & Streaming platforms.

Ellmatic & JoDu "Go For Miles" (Official Music Video)

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