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Eminem vs. MGK (No Fear)

For years Eminem has ruled the rap arena as being an artist that not many people wanted to do songs with because he would body others on their own tracks. He is one of the elite rappers in Hip-Hop that can destroy a track and take names on how many MCs do not want to share a beat with him on a release. He has battled and destroyed other Mcs on the microphone in the years he has been active (see Benzino, Ja Rule, and Canibus for a few). People have been called out by Em and people have never answered him back.

Now Machine Gun Kelly has been brave enough to answer back and now we have come into a new battle where the public may or may not care to see the outcome of this one. Eminem and MGK are both lyrically gifted and this one will be yet another battle but what is determined from this one? Is this really about a rapper saying another rappers daughter is attractive or is this really an MC battle? And now that G-Easy is in on this battle, will this just spill over as a lame battle where the outside says this is a "White Rapper Thing"?

Eminem's Kamikaze album was the return of his anger and his ability to call people out to place his stamp as elite in the game. MGK releases rap devil to not only call Em old, but to say he is washed and is playing roles in his music and not being genuine to the culture. Just like when Mike Tyson lost and now every boxer wanted to test him in the ring, we now see MGK testing Eminem and we will see if this is where 1. Em re-establishes himself as Slim Shady and bodies his competition. Or we get number 2, where MGK wins and everyone turns their back on Eminem and calls him washed up. Click the links below to hear both song and leave a comment on how you think this battle will turn out. This should be a good one.

Machine Gun Kelly's "Rap Devil" : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fp0BScQSSvg

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