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ethemadassassin - Radiation ft. Young Hak (off his new album "Handz Of Stone") | Video

ethemadassassin gets introspective over a vibrant Stu Bangas dreamscape to bring you, “Radiation,” featuring the soulful crooning of Young Hak.

“Radiation” is off ethemadassassin’s newest opus, “Handz Of Stone,” which is officially out now.

Check out the video and stream the album below:

Music Video :

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With 14 indie releases, numerous international collabs, and over 15 years in the music industry, Los Angeles (by way of North Carolina) emcee, ethemadassassin, is the physical embodiment of perseverance, indie artistry, and hustle.

Debuting as a solo artist in 2004 with the album, “Proverbs,” E followed up with 2008’s, “Tomorrow Never Comes,” and 2013’s, “Soul On Fire,” all of which E executive produced. During those years, E formed the now defunct group, Veteran Assassins, and co-executive produced and released the albums, “Veteran Assassins,” in 2010, “Paint The Town Red,” in 2012, and, “G.O.L.D.” in 2016.

ethemadassassin had an eventful 2018, dropping 2 EP’s, (“Motivations” with Luse Kanz, produced by THE WDSMN, “Bear Handz: Magmatic” produced by QuakeMobb) and his 4th solo album (“Bear Handz 2: Bear Market” produced by Nazar).

ethemadassassin started 2019 off with a super bang, releasing his 5th solo album, “Bear Handz 3: Animal House,” produced by ShortFuZe with features from Celinski The Mayor, J.Bond (of Illpo), O.G. Bobby Ne’gro, Pisto Pop, Sneek Rothstein, and Luse Kanz.

In March 2020, ethemadassassin released, “Chain Reaction,” a collaborative EP with Los Angeles producer/emcee Diar Lansky. In September 2020, E released “Bear Handz 4: Dark Side Of The Mountain,” which features the singles, “Children Of The Night,” “Don’t Mix Ya Dishes,” and “10.” BH4 is produced entirely by Swedish boombap producer, Twelvebit.

On January 5, 2021, E released the latest installment in the Bear Handz series, “Bear Handz 5: Gram Newton,” produced by Akthentik and features appearances from Hus Kingpin, Supreme Cerebral, and XP The Marxman.

Sept 3rd, 2021, ethemadassassin joined forces with PNW representer (by way of NC) Seven Da Pantha and released, “Carter N Newton: The Field Report.” Drawing inspiration from the 1997 classic debut “The War Report,” by Capone N Noreaga, the West Coast transplants combined their respective aliases (Seven Da Pantha as, “Young Bunchy Carter,” and ethemadassassin as, “Gram Newton”) to form their version of “CNN” to take “The War Report” into “The Field.”

On May 11, 2022, ethemadassassin will drop his newest project, “Handz Of Stone,” with guest appearances from John Jigg$, Maze Overlay, Seven Da Pantha, Substance810, and XP THE MARXMAN and features production from Akthentik, D.R.U.G.S. Beats, Nyckles, JR Swiftz, Slidebeatz, Stu Bangas, and Vanderslice.

Midsummer 2022, ethemadassassin will follow up “Handz Of Stone” with “Handz Of Stone 2,” with guest appearances from The Bad Seed, G Fam Black, Mark 4ord, Mickey Diamond, Philmore Greene, Seven Da Pantha, and Substance 810 and features production from Chuck Chan, JR Swiftz, Laylow The God, Nyckles, SigSour, Slidebeatz, and Stu Bangas.

stay posted, as the story adds on…

Find more info on ethemadassassin here:


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