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F.M.ALL is the Hip-Hop We ALL Want

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Deuce H. Wood the 5th and Grump aka The Know Good Bastards bring the boom bap sound of Hip-Hop back to the ears of people looking for that traditional Hip-Hop sound. With solid production and lyrical delivery that touches not only bars but flow and delivery, the F.M.ALL project is a project that takes people back to the radio show days, with tape decks and still keeps today's translation of Hip-Hop present with good vibes and catchy hooks.

This project is available now for a limited time on HeritageHipHop.com on our Member's Only Page. Be sure to become a member of our website and support the great artists we have on the platform.

Follow Deuce H. Wood the 5th and Grump on their social media and support the movement. We thank you for all the support you have given and we will continue to give you the best Hip-Hop has to offer.


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15 jul 2021

This 1 might be a CLASSIC.

Me gusta
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