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FlyyHigh: Come Get Your Wings!


It is said that style is a way for individuals to say who they are without having to speak. Nonetheless, the clothing brand FlyyHigh just seems to come up in every conversation (& it's spreading like wildfire!)

Best described as "an African American owned clothing brand that offers urban, casual & business attire," CEO's Vernon Brooks & Keonia Travis envisioned FlyyHigh as a clothing store but Keonia had other ideas. According to Brooks, Keonia was the one who aided in the idea of turning it into not only a store, but a brand. Still, FlyyHigh plays a bigger role in the confines of the fashion industry. "Honestly It’s more then just a clothing brand. It’s an umbrella." he adds "Shield the storm."

Interestingly enough FlyyHigh carries a enigma of themes that seem to tie into the brand itself but one won't really understand until they put the pieces of the puzzle together (ex: Look at the rolled up blunt on the picture below, now really... just think about it.)

FlyyHigh also varies in color but mainly incorporates a cool & pastel medium, "All colors play a key to your expression of the art. But clothing/fashion is an art to me." says Brooks "I use them all."

Amid creating FlyyHigh (with a daily supply of fruit & water of course) there was a breaking point for Brooks but just like his clothing brand suggest, he only went UP at the end of it all. "It’s easy to lose focus. To dabble back in your old life, but to really be taking serious you have to be serious. Discipline & a lot of sacrifices have to be taken. There was plenty times that I wanted to throw it all away, but the discipline I have the sacrifices I already took won’t let me. Just being around the right people & talking about the right things can have me excited & willing to work." says Brooks.

In the same fashion, Vernon Brooks praises himself for being able to balance all of his strengths (like above) in one. But if there's good energy around, it just pushes him more. "I mostly try to connect with those who connect with me & I get uplifted by what’s around me."

For the most part, Vernon & Keonia have projects that are destined to take over but in the meantime they are just focused on running their seperate entities so they can soar with no limits.

Said best by Vernon, "FlyyHigh come get your wings!"

By: Natalee Gilbert



Instagram - @flyyhigh_forever

​ Side Note: They're based in Newark, NJ

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