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Gail Campbell defines the Pain and Victory of Love.

The bloody wedding dress of a bride either defines the death of her heart or the transition to a new love that can save her from pain. Gail Campbell drops her new visual from the 2019 award winning classic project "Bloody Waters". Exclusive to Heritage Hip-Hop, we get the first look into the mind and visual story of what Bloody Waters means to a person that has been mislead by the heart and has to overcome the sorry of defining what love is, looks like, and feels like. Shot by Al Jacobs of Black World Films, and produced by super producer Stan Ipkiss, You Don't Know Love shows the continuing story of Bloody Waters and we present to you Love in it's most horrifying and liberating expression ever shown by an artist that is telling her story vocally and visually from one note to one scene to one graphic conclusion.

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