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Grumpy's World: The Premiere Radio Podcast

Every Tuesday from 8pm to 10pm the entertainment world comes to Grumpy’s World, hosted by Grumpy Old Man. The proclaimed Mayor of NJ Hip-Hop, Grumpy, is known for breaking records and highlighting Independent artists of all music genres. The host Grumpy is a celebrated artist, actor and host of not only this show, he has also hosted industry events and numerous artist spotlights. When artists come on this show they not only break their music, but get industry advice on how to further their career interests, and personal goals as well.

Grumpy also serves as A&R for record label CIMG (Champagne International Music Group). By premiering on his show artist get the perspective of the listeners (fans), and of a music industry professional as well. Grumpy’s world is where all independent artists not only break their music but get exposure to major labels and rotational radio air play.

His show, Grumpy’s world, is the flagship show at 8 Squad Rebel Radio and is highly regarded with the social community as well. While being connected to Save the Kids Village, a non profit group that serves the community, this show brings the culture to the artists and introduces them to a broad audience not captures on a terrestrial radio show. By being a flagship show on a major independent radio network that is soon to become FM the whole world is watching and listening.

Catch Grumpy’s World on 8 Squad Rebel Radio every Tuesday from 8 pm to 10 pm on Youtube, the 8 Squad Rebel Radio App, Instagram and Facebook.


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