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Hot off the Press: NYC Multifaceted Artist Rockwelz is Back "Lightspeed"

NYC multifaceted artist Rockwelz returns with “Lightspeed” (produced by Nam Nitty) part of his series of single releases from his forthcoming project ‘BC2 Reel Music.’ The intro kicks off with a kaleidoscope of instruments, driven by drums that give off a chill, yet infectious vibe. This is street head-nodding meets the dance floor…So many people ask about Rockwelz and how he rides, the answer is rather simple; at lightspeed in a fast car. Rockwelz has grown as a man and artist, he’s been around the block, he’s seen and done some things. Now it’s time to pull the top back, feel the warm breeze, and blaze against palm trees. The catchy hook is sure to resonate and have listeners echoing in lightspeed.

Enjoy this addictive dose of earmilk.

Social Media:

Facebook: Rockwelz

Instagram & Twitter: @forbesliving

Spotify link


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