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How Wu-Tang Clan changed my view of Hip-Hop

I remember being in 8th grade and watching one of my favorite tv shows, Video Music Box, and I saw a music video that changed my understanding of what Hip-Hop was. Let me explain before you bite my head off.

My brother was my example of Hip-Hop. He is a rapper and went to the studio, made songs so on and so on. I knew about Public Enemy, LL Cool J, Rhyme Syndicate and many more through him and my sister. Hip-Hop was in my spirit and mind but it was when I saw Protect Ya Neck that Hip-Hop became alive to me.

So I was into Redman and M.O.P heavy so when they dropped my radar was on alert cause "MY" Hip-Hop was on. But when 9 Mcs come on the screen with no hook and the song was raw as hell without a melody just beats and bars, it reflected Jersey grittiness and the essence of how I learned Hip-Hop. Wu-Tang clan's album was soon bought and I got to hear and feel then realness on Bring Da Rucks. The Mystery of Chessboxing, C.R.E.A.M. Clan in the Front and so many more tracks from the album helped us to feel the beat of Wu-Tang Clan but the lyrics held us in fascination of who are these 9 warriors that help the mic like a blade and destroyed our understanding of what Hip-Hop was at the time. From track 1 to the end Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers album was one of those Hip-Hop albums that changed my world and view on Hip-Hop because it was not something a sibling taught me this is and was my development in loving Hip-Hop for what it is. It is "MY" understanding of the world I am in and how the beats and rhymes hit my own heart, spirit and soul. I found a group that reflected my love of Martial Arts, Comic Books, Beats, Bars, and the ability to bring the listener into a new world through story telling and world building.

Since 36 Chambers dropped Wu-Tang clan has released albums and changed the game through slang, apparel, videogames, comics, music, movies, and has become a movement that transcends generations and cultures. If I ever get to meet Wu-Tang members as a collective or individually I will thank them for helping me learn and appreciate our culture that much more and helping me develop a mind and ear for Hip-Hop and also an appreciate the culture we participate in. Thank you for reading this and I hope this Blog helped you reminisce on our version of the Hip-Hop Temptations and trendsetters of our 90s Hip-Hop sound.

Protect Ya Neck Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0IUR4gkPIE

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