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ILL City takes no prisoners with the release of GVNGLAND.

A movement is defined as a changing of position. Primarily a change of location from one place (physical or mental) to somewhere new. Hip-Hop has been stagnant for awhile with the lack of groups and combined talent, that works together beyond a feature filled subpar project that people are forced fed through brainwashed repetitive play cycles. The radio has become a barren wasteland for the soul of the Hip-hop culture and the sound it produces. In the culture of music, the underground has always been the melting pot for new and refreshing art, that the many musical genres produce that the mainstream will have to catch up to in order to stay innovative. They need the underground to give the audience something to appreciate and to move from the dullness of copycat beats, cadences, vocals, and lackluster harmony. This year on Thanksgiving 2021, Ill City dropped their collective project "GVNGLAND", and the movement of sound has changed from boring to intriguing by the unleashing of raw lyrics and testimonies over beats bigger than the digital releases you are used to.

Ill City is comprised of RIQ aka the Quarterback, who is also 1/3 of the 050 Boyz, India Rose, Big Nutty, Dot Bundini, Big Stomp, and OutDaMud (Grimm Cyph, Shot Kobang and Frank Castle). This line up is a powerful example of hunger as each artist fights to show the beats they rap on are not worthy of their voices or strong enough to sustain the power in their vocals. This collective is from NJ and they bring the chip on the shoulder mentality that gives NJ its' own identity when it comes to Hip-Hop. NJ is known for grit, lyrics, and unapologetic raw talent and this project does not fall short of that description. Real Lyrics Matter aka Lyricists Matter when in comes to great Hip-Hop music and Ill City does not disappoint.

"When I came nothing was the same..." spoken by RIQ on the song "No Sauce", represents the feel for this project. Every artist brings their own style and makes a substantial imprint on the ear and minds of the listener. This project will remind 90s era Hip-Hop heads of the cypher, and how real MCs sparred together to be the best. 80s era Hip-Hop heads will be reminded of the hunger to be heard by each artist. 2000s era and 2010s era Hip-Hop heads will love the flow and the beats GVNGLAND produces which is a statement as well. This project is not the next Wu-Tang or Dipset group remade. By bringing all eras to the table, this movement of underground to the mainstream is moving fluidly and Ill City is bringing Hip-Hop with them. The crowds will once again stand, and the head nod will be a united front of realness over beats. The next generation of MCs will be touched by the wordplay meaning and the pen will move again bringing bars to the forefront when it comes to representing who we are when we take on the identity of the culture. This project is new, refreshing and brings back a movement that Hip-Hop is not giving the world on a mainstream stage...Attitude, Character and Soul.

GVNGLAND is available on all music platforms to Purchase and Stream:



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