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It's Time to Step Up Fellas. Our Women are in Danger.

In the news these past days women of color have come under horrible circumstances and the men around have not aided them and it is appalling to see men around not protecting our most valuable assets: Our Women. Recently in the news a woman in Texas was driving a car and a Caucasian man pulled up to the car and shot the vehicle multiple times and the outcome was a dead 7 year old girl. The mother and other little girls were shot or injured by glass but we see a fatality in the form of a 7 year old girl in the incident that occurred. A woman being targeted is cowardly and I do not condone the murder of anyone but when it is a woman with her family and children are in the crossfire of this danger then there is a sick serious problem going on in our world.

Also in the news in St. Petersburg, Florida a Caucasian man grabbed a young woman working at McDonalds over not being able to be given a straw. He grabbed he and yanked her forward in an abusive way and to her credit she rearraigned his face by punching him for violating her safety and space in her work place. The sad thing about this case though is the men in the video smiled and pulled her back from the attacker but did not remove him from the incident. Too many what ifs could have happened in the case of this assault.

I see an uptick and rising in harm people of color be them "Black", African-American, Hispanic, or whatever term you identify with that is not considered Caucasian and this is alarming. People will harm others that look like them and not come to the aid of folks that share the same bond we share in this country which is oppression. As men in this society here is a history lesson for you. The Ku Klux Klan version of "The Birth of a Nation" centered around the belief black men were going to take their white women from them and destroy their race. Today I do not see people fight for women of color to the extent that they are protected or am I wrong? I would love to be wrong and see more examples of men standing up and protecting our daughters by teaching them not only how to protect themselves physically, but being PRESENT in their times of need.

Woman face hardships like sexual harassment, unfair pay, racism, sexism and classism and as we men also face them their struggle in more emotional and being that they should be protected who is stepping up to take charge for them when the opportunity comes. In the wake of these 2 events, I pray Daniel Willis Taylor, the gentlemen that assaulted Yasmine James in the McDonalds video gets significant jail time even after calling for her to get fired. I also pray that the Texas Community comes together to find the murderer of Jazmine Barnes and brings him to the proper authorities and justice takes place.

As we look at these events please let's protect our loved ones and ensure our future by being present for our daughters, our girlfriends, our wives and all women that are doing their best day to day to live in this hard world. I pray for you all and endorse the protect or women movement. There are too many more stories we have of women being abused, shot, beaten, missing and murdered for us all not to do something and represent them and not let their stories go unheard or be swept under the rug. Let's all show up and be present for the innocent lives taken and fight until justice is done for all victims of all crime be it hate, domestic or just the like equally across the board.

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