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It Takes a Village...

There is an African Proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child that helps give the importance of being together to ensure the future of our society. The village mentality is lost in today's world. We see children in a lost state because the adults are not speaking up to challenge negativity that is not normal or righteous when it comes to life and preserving the morals of the "Golden Rule". By allowing our children to fail or not give them the Head Start needed a lot of children are left behind. Couple that with a society that hates children because of their skin color. Couple that with children that are exposed to sex and bullying we have a need for our children to have a safe haven for positive development and to reassure them a positive place to be that teaches a powerful positive image.

Sean Stover aka Grumpy old Man, and Melinda Hill as well as a host of others came together to form the "Village" needed to help children have a positive place to build their positive image and function in our broken society. This past weekend the Save The Kids Village movement officially kicked off and by the turnout and pictures posted in this article something special happened that is needed when it comes to the mission of serving and providing for children. The children experienced the formation of pride couple with the powerful positive self-Image. The aiding and grooming of our children is the mission of many not just one in our society and now this program will aid in helping not only the children but their families as well.

The mission of this organization is to help all those in need to build our society through the guidance and nurturing of our community 1 family at a time. If you would like to donate time to this movement you can contact Mr. Sean Stover and Ms. Melinda Hill on Facebook. You can donate money to the organization on Paypal at Savethekidsvillage@gmail.com. This is a registered non profit organization that does what others do not do, Serving with a heart having the community in mind. Please take the time to support them and give to the community, with the village in mind. If we save 1 we have done well, but 1 can influence millions. Is not the 1 just as important as the millions? You can be that 1 if you allow yourself to care and reach out to the next 1 after yourself.

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