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J1DA and Masad Will Grow Into Life Together.

When a man welcomes a new young man into his life there is an air of responsibility that is felt. The new heir to the family name is being welcomed into a life of love, joy, pain, reflection and reality. Most people take the joy of life and hamper it with their own outlook and pain but the growth a person experiences will decide how one is taken, understood and loved/hated by the world around them. Masad is a dedication to a nephew and also a god mark when it comes to the story of J1Da and the life journey he takes us on with this new project.

J1DA is the epitome of walk with me in Hip-Hop. When listening to his discography you can hear a man that has demons he fights. He is a walking testament of I have a story. He has always shown that he is lyrical, has impeccable delivery, and more so a wisdom gained by life experience that people may have to keep up with because they have not lived enough. Masad is no different as this album starts with a message to the new heir of the family and as an inheritance to the listener that has been adopted into the family that are J1DA fans and supporters.

This new project is not only beats and lyrics. This album is a collection of real stories of growth, love, self realization and standing strong against the lie of self doubt. J1Da not only tells of his demons but conquers them with an heir as the inheritor of his story. Songs like Do Better, Wither (Interlude), By Masad, and Sunlight transition J1DA from rapper/MC to teacher and translator telling life's many stories to the estate of his family's ears. Family in this case is not only his nephew. No not at all, see if you invest in J1DA you are the family he tends to by giving stories with his music that details his life, his many experiences and most importantly his soul.

Masad, his nephew, will grow knowing not only that his uncle did music, he will know that that his uncle gave the world a story that helped it mature through song. J1DA has given his soul many times in his music. As we all grow with him into his journey through manhood, we can see, hear, and feel the growth of his journey as he walks into God's understanding that life is what YOU make it.

As this album ages it will mark the turn in J1DA's career. Now it seems he is free of a lot of some of the pressure he has expressed in his music and love is the key to his future. He loves his outlook, he loves his family and he loves to be not just exist. Young Masad will have this project to grow with and as he ages the strength of his uncle will inspire him to be as well. A person is known by their fruit and if the fruit is good then the tree he came from was good as well. The roots this album plants may lead Masad to his growth as a man, but for us that follow the music Masad will lead us to what J1DA gives his nephew on this project...Hope.

Masad is available now on all DSPs for streaming and PURCHASING.

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