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Jersey Stand The F*K Up! Queen Neveah Is Here With A Remix Anthem.

There are certain songs that cause an energy and a stir in the music industry, The artist Scar Lip has brought some serious energy to the New York Hip-Hop scene. The energy of her song has reignited the city with cosigns from well known artists that the industry respects and loves in the culture. Yet, the land across the water has something to say about the energy coming out as well.

There are very few Jersey anthems that have came out that have moved the needle and made people to pay attention to them. With the female voice being heard in prominence in the culture, a new female MC has come from the Garden State to extend that energy to the culture. Queen Neveah remixed Scar Lip's song This is New York, and has given us This Is New Jersey. "New Jersey Stand the fuck up, and push the fuck back", is the next phrase that can give New Jersey it's identity in the new phase of Hip-Hop. With great talents known from the mainstream industry, to battle rap and the more. Queen Neveah shows that New Jersey offers more to the game then the Jersey Club sound that is being used by artists trying to stay afloat and relevant. Queen Neveah bends the formula and puts the state on notice while also telling the world New Jersey has a place at the table when talking about who has the talent and the strength to appear when Hip-Hop culture calls for something strong to appeal to in the sounds that come from its' people.

This is New Jersey is available on all streaming platforms to purchase and stream now:

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