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L. Haggood x Fantom of the Beat "Listen" Video

L. Haggood releases visuals for his latest single “Listen.” The track is produced by the legendary, platinum 2x Grammy-nominated Haas G (The UMC’s) aka Fantom of the Beat who also makes a cameo in the video. The Bed Stuy BK Hip Hop artist is recognized for his blunt form of truth and somewhat cynical sarcasm that many shy away from but has opened doors to collaborate with heavy-hitting artists and producers. “Take a moment to reflect a different time of music. Where you had to make sense, where the music meant something no matter how complex or basic. Where you had to engage with people.” Over a compelling mix of soul and gritty melodies along with tremulous bass, L. Haggood effortlessly delivers minutes of in-your-face and slap-your-momma bars. Mentally unstable, he is who he is, gets down how he gets down, and welcomes any challenges. “Suckers is too much of an easy word I got other nouns, and adjectives, and action verbs…”. L. Haggood’s complexity is refreshing as he commands audiences to feel his raw emotion. Enjoy the listen and we appreciate any coverage.

Instagram & Twitter: @lhaggood Facebook: Lionel Haggood / Mentally Unstable Records Email: mentallyunstableradio@gmail.com "Listen" on preferred platforms - http:// https://orcd.co/li

"Listen" Official YouTube Video


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