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Layna Lae Releases Back To Back SinglesTo Honor Women's History Month

”As I Am” is also from Layna Lae's upcoming mixtape “Waiting To Come Up” - Layna Lae is unapologetic, sexy, daring, and gives one ultimatum…She hopes that her message inspires other women and teen girls just like her that no matter what you’ve gone through…Love yourself and don’t be afraid to say “You gon’ have to take me as I am”

As I Am official video

As a product of child neglect, Layna Lae knows what it’s like to want to be loved and accepted. Growing up, Layna Lae described music as her safe haven and the only consistent thing in her life that couldn’t be taken away from her. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, Layna Lae joins the voices of the many women who have been put down because of their gender, appearance, and/or life circumstances, to help uplift women around the world through their music.

Though not a stallion, or small-waisted with big boobs and a round booty… Missy Elliott is one of the greatest to ever do it, and shout out to Lizzo for giving the middle finger to body shaming. Bullied because of her size, restricted of food by her mother, and passed around like a basketball — Now rising 20-year old hip-hop artist Layna Lae is giving a finger to her past, and putting it all on the line.


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