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Lebron James is Ready To Take Muhammed Ali's Seat As the Greatest of This Generation.

Muhammed Ali is "The Greatest" without questions. What made him "The Greatest", is the fact that he is a figure bigger that sports. Muhammed Ali stood up for people of color by being an electric voice and spokesman for human rights for all the voiceless in the inner cities of America. Muhammed Ali stood against the Vietnam War and against racial prejudices and biases that disenfranchised people in the "Land of the Free and Home fo the Brave". Ali lost his heavyweight title and went to prison for the right of his belief as a Muslim in America that wanted freedom and peace for all by way of his moral and spiritual belief for unity and equality for humanity.

Lebron James is taking that step with Opening up the I Promise School in Akron, Ohio for children with disadvantages. Children in Akron now have a chance for a quality education for free and all tuition from their current grade through college paid for. Lebron James is raising the bar for what the athlete can do when they put the community first. By giving back to his community by ensuring a better opportunity and way of life for these children, Lebron is an athlete and a voice for another group of forgotten people: Inner City Children.

In a world where children are the future but see after school programs cut. In a world where teachers go on strike and schools are shut down. Children are forced to the hardships of gang life and mentality and the streets as an outlet for social interaction. By creating this school Lebron James has shown that the title greatest is not just measured by titles and trophies. It is a title given by the people that are affected by the sacrifice made for society at large also. Christ said "A child shall lead...", and Lebron has become the greatest by giving the children a chance to learn and lead our society to greatness.

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