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Marvi G: A Tentative Scout for The Dopest Talent.

Tapping into her aural skill in order to help talented artist blossom within the Garden State’s music scene — Marvi G self identifies as "a regular girl who's practically lived all over New Jersey & loves music (mainly Hip-Hop/Rap & R&B.) Ultimately, Marvi G creates a space for artist to show the world what they’ve got & then some.

While taking her dream head-on, she created Out Here Tryna’ Function — a platform that provides booking & promoting services for upcoming artist. "Funny story I started O.H.T.F because I lack talent. I can't sing or rap but I did realize that most of my friends are musical geniuses." Marvi G says "This music business is rough especially when you're a young upcoming artist, so I decided I'd do it for their sake."

Starting off in 2017, Marvi G booked shows for about 10 friends. Yet Marvi G's biggest show of all was one she booked for her friends, Juice Potter & $pliff the Artist. "It was opening act for A Boogie with The Hoodie." Marvi G adds on "After that concert & the feedback they recieved from the audience, I knew this is what I wanted to do. And I'm pretty damn good at it." Since then she's triumphed with multiple events including her own for female MC's called "The Power of the V."

Still, not everything works in our favor at times. And so, Marvi G speaks with me about a time where she was ready to throw in the towel, "I definitely had a breaking point in my career. I started in 2017 but I abruptly took a break from booking & promoting because a lot was going on in my personal life.” Marvi G adds “I was having a hard time balancing business & personal. My business was already a bit shaky & ill-planned which caused me to take some time off. Then literally a few weeks before New Years 2019, I began planning a New Years Eve showcase for O.H.T.F. Following January 1st, 2019 I re-launched Out Here Tryna Function at 12AM. I didn't think I would ever come back to my business, but I couldn't give up on it, some weird nag wouldn't allow me to. Maybe it was my conscious? Idk, but it was telling me "Girl, you better get back to your grind. It's going to take you far."

To simply put it, the fuel that adds to her fire is the impact she's making. She is for certain that the artist she works with will become famous (#MoreThanDex). Marvi G has high hopes for all & she enjoys seeing the progress along the way. By developing key relationships it allows her to understand their artistry. “It all started with 10 musicians. Now I'm working with so many I can't even keep track sometimes.” Even while she scouts as a potential fan, Marvi G looks for in an artist to have good musical content, dope music videos & an impeccible stage presence. But most importantly they must have dedication, hunger, drive & tenacity. "I'd LOVE to converse with Laady J, she's this super dope femcee coming out of Jersey. Make sure you all follow her IG @officialaadyJ, she is literally a monster with the rhymes. She has that "IT" factor and she's unapologetically badass." says Marvi G

Likewise, Marvi G believes that Jersey supports Jersey. Though one has to search for a genuine soul because it's tough seperating the real from the fake.

As she travels across the Garden State, (maybe even to the City of Angels) Marvi G isn't particular on what to listen to. However, as of now she's been listening to "Victory Lap" by Nipsey Hussle. "Unfortunately, it took him passing for me to finally listen to the project, but I'm glad that I did. Each song gives me some form of inspiration & motivation every single day, it keeps me focused on my goals."

For those who aspire to open their own talent agency, Marvi G stresses to read everything. It's also important to be organized, attentive & to network/mingle with people in the show booking & promoting industry or at least associated with the music scene. Ultimately it coincides with sponsorships & partnerships.

Moving forward expect the persistent Marvi G to grind even harder. She plans on starting a #GetFamiliar segment on YouTube, IGTV, podcasts, etc. where she physically interviews the artists that are featured on her page. Marvi G will also have her own record label.

In the world's favor, it's bound to happen.

Through her strong-will attitude, Marvi G will be greater than the greats!

By: Natalee Gilbert


Instagram: @o.h.t.f

Twitter: @OHTFJersey

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