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Mike Vela & Tha Anthom - A New Day | Single

The first single off Mike Vela & Tha Anthom's upcoming project opens the gates to Mike’s soulful yet heavy production as Anthom weaves through describing each moment of the day as he sees it.

“A New Day” is an opening for what’s next to come while heads get ready to hear more from this up and coming duo.

Check out the song below:

https://songwhip.com/mikevela/anewday https://open.spotify.com/track/51d0TC1r9FTQOkQn4ZJWWA


Mike Vela & Tha Anthom are two Cali natives whose musical inspirations derive from various genres growing up. Both San Jose born and raised, they would meet through a series of friends within the local music scene. After hearing what the other had to offer creatively, the infinite possibilities of what could be were in motion.

Find more info here:

Instagram Mike Vela Spotify Mike Vela

Instagram Tha Anthom LinkTree Tha Anthom Twitter Tha Anthom

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