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New Fatboi Sharif & Lonesword album Cyber City Society Is A Mind Melting Musical Epic Story

Once upon a time Hip-Hop was never afraid to stand out and be a black light in a world full of grey areas. There was a time when the "norm" was unusual or just not wanted. Over time Hip-Hop went into the mainstream and people saw Hip-Hop evolve into a sectioned off secret that had many styles of word play and delivery formulated by region and experience of the orator that gave us the message. Today though is a different time and the genre has conformed in many ways.

Today's "Hip-Hop" is a mixture of boring beats in the mainstream and a lot of the artists sound the same. There are some artists that still exist with a different sound and they are the ones that give the listener a refreshing joy related to the feel of music. Today's feature is Cyber City Society brought to you by Fatboi Sharif and Lonesword, this is an album that will melt your brain and reshape your ears when you experience this musical journey.

This album is a mix of the inner soul and the outside of your mind clashing together as they meet in the rhythm of your ear drum. The musical background in a soundtrack of thought, horror, introspection and gritty inner conflict music. The lyrical delivery given on this project is not the singing pattern of today's Hip-Hop artists. The lyrical delivery on this project is word play that is abstract and built upon how one understands not only how one hears the words being said. Sometimes we are trapped into the spiral of bars delivery and vibe and we miss the bars with delivery that have meaning sprinkled with a message that is eerily truth driven towards thought not just a head nod. This is what makes this album art not just a quick listen.

In a world where the vibe is going to be the main element of dance and having fun, it is refreshing to still have part of the genre that still scares you, entices your mind, and makes you sit down to enjoy the feeling of terror when you think "What the hell did I just listen to?" Cyber City Society a thought provoking album that will be a "mind f*ck" that will aid a listener to question what they experience and to those that catches its' vibe, they will be struck by the integrity of the rhymes and the beats that were crafted to make this type of art. Enjoy it while you can, because real art sometimes is missed due to the barrage of constant noise the world distracts us with, while others are cherished as time passes. Either way look at the cover art of this project and ask yourself are you caught in the matrix of distraction, or can you take off the mask that society sees you as to be as honest as the inner voice that exist inside of yourself? The truth awaits and this albums does to.

Cyber City Society is available on Bandcamp and all DSP's as well.

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