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NEW VIDEO: Billy Danze (M.O.P) "The Fix" Ft. Lady Lee x TooBusy

Often when it comes to rap and rappers distinct phrases are thrown around, and at times way too loosely such as legend, G.O.A.T, lyrical shooter, Phenom, etc. However, there is one who can claim the role of each one mentioned and that’s Billy Danze (1/2 of the iconic rap group M.O.P). Over 30 years he’s reigned as the Marvel hero of Hip Hop, and continues to release new music consistently not only to rock out to but to give listeners, audiences, and fans something to think about and stir up.

The new single “The Fix” featuring Lady Lee with production by TooBusy serves as an eye-awakener for those ignorant to Hip Hop and the culture. “We fixing this sh*t we had enough of you motherf*ckers you took off the ribbon and f*cked up the give you were given.”  In an era where everyone is a rapper or a one hit wonder with a notion of taking over, Danze drives this to resonate, “How dare you try to compare a square to the savageness, from his watch down to his wears average drip, I still hold the title y’all trying to recycle Brownsville American Idol.”

Although a heavy-hitting track, “The Fix” is only a teaser of what to expect from the forthcoming release ‘The Answer.’ This won’t be delivered as your average release, rather it will be divided into two sections; the artist and the man. Danze lines up some of his legendary compadres and genuinely offers himself to the world, giving an opportunity to dissect, appreciate, and embrace Danze in both realms in one release.

“Homey hard but not like this, whatever I launch on God it’s like I can’t miss,” this sums up the career of Billy Danze from his passion and hunger as Rap God to humble feet planted firmly in the soil of Hip Hop.  

"The Fix" official video:

Connect with Billy Danze:


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