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No Loss Taken With This New Album...D.Bridges No More Losses

There are few artists that take pain music and create life from it. Most times when we get pain music we just hear life lessons. The greatest stories written in scripture takes pain and we judge our own selves by those stories to learn how to be be better people from the tales told. The new album, No More Losses, by D.Bridges is a story of pain that gives life to the ears of the listener and hope for better things to come to a man that confesses his story and faults over beats fresh from the soul. Walk with me on this musical journey that takes your soul on a ride through the mind of this artist.

The cover art of a woman holding a baby (mother and child) is something that is a story in itself. From personal story, when a man loses his mother it is a pain that is never easy to move on from. D. Bridges sets the tone of this album off with not only the cover art but the intro to the album is a life story of where he has been is life, where he is at now, and where he plans to go in the future with the Lord's will. This audio story talks about lost friendships, loss of trust, respect, and appreciation of life. D.Bridges uses this album to talk to his family both living and past and this lesson shows us the power of music.

Music has the power to not only be entertaining but it can heal if we let the messages in it enter our spirits and souls, Brenda's got a baby part 2 tells the world famous 2Pac song as sequel from the Baby's point of survival. The loss of death does not effect us in this story it is one of survival. Don't think this is just a lesson album though there are features on here that will move the needle from lessons learned to lessons taught lyrically. County Jail featuring Dot Bundini, Big Stomp, Chops Tha Savior and Ru-Son is NJ Hip-Hop capturing the essence of raw expression and bars on the song. On Uncomfortable west coast Hip-Hop legend Ras Kass and Internal Quest give us the gift of range on this album and D.Bridges is not lost in the shuffle on bars given and voices taken through the music.

This album is a bar raising experience that D.Bridges gives us after his last album, Forgot About Dre. This album delivers where a lot of artists don't deliver and that is re playable songs that have entertainment and depth in the music. The Award Nominated song Blessed featuring C.H.O.I.C.E. is a gem but arguably not the best song on the project. The only loss that can be taken with this album is for someone not to hear it and or grow from the stories given. Music is made to entertain but it is also used to teach us as well. There are many lessons to be taken from this album by how it is structured, the songs, and the feel given to the soul from it. Salute to D.Bridges this album is one to stand on and there is no loss in this project at all.

No More Losses is available now on all music platforms. Take a listen and if you enjoy it please purchase the album:


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