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Nobody Beats the Biz

On July 16th 2021 Hip-Hop lost someone that held the culture to a high standard. Biz Markie gained his wings and Hip-Hop lost an eccentric necessary energy that keeps the party of life going. Biz Markie was the party, the vibe, and the pulse of the culture all at once. He may not have been the most lyrical but he embodied the MC title to the fullest. Whether he beatboxed,made ad libs on songs, or he versed a rhyme Biz Markie made the record big.

I remember the first time I heard Nobody beats the Biz song. I was taken to another level of appreciation when it comes to hearing the personality and delivery of Biz on the record. I heard what is deemed a Hip-Hop classic record and it was truly a God send to my ears. Biz Markie was always around the innovators and movers in the culture running with the legendary Juice Crew, Def Squad and more. Biz Markie had classic records that had your favorite artists respect him and had the culture reach high levels of entertainment. With songs like "Just a Friend", "The Vapors", "Erase Racism" , and "Make the Music with your Mouth", Biz Markie will live forever in Hip-Hop as a ground breaker when it comes to music and composition. As an MC and a DJ, Biz Markie made Hip-Hop entertaining fun and an amazing experience. See DJ Kool's "Let Me Clear My Throat" video to see how Biz Markie can get a crowd on 1000 quickly.

One of the most stand out examples of Hip-Hop I salute Biz Markie for is his contributions to education in the Hip-Hop community is his work on the Nickelodeon. Yo Gabba Gabba is played for children around the world. Biz Markie's MC stamp is not just on stage, in clubs and in parties. He is and was an MC and DJ for the children, and by giving them the enjoyment of education he made learning fun and took Hip-Hop to another level.

We at Heritage Hip-Hop want to say Rest In Peace Biz Markie, and May The Most High accept you into Heaven and eternal LIFE. One day we all have to go back to the one that made us all. I would love to go to Heaven and be at a great arena and see Biz Markie Dj and perform with the greats. Biz Markie will always be remembered for his jokes, his dance, and his songs. I will always remember him as a fan and as someone that learned of his greatness through respect of the community and the peers. Take a moment to give respect for the life story that has closed but please, continue to re read and relive the story that inspires so many of us. Salute to you Biz and Go off, forever.


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