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Notes82 brings Life Beyond The Lights Album Preview

When one finds good music it stays within our memories for years and life times of memories are created by the sounds and rhythm of life matched to the joy we feel. We will remember songs about our first kiss, our first heartbreak, or even the day our loved ones came into our lives or left us in our own life's journey. There are times though when we get to hear music that relates to the eyes of a person, the beat of the street and the soul of the wind as time passes us by. Notes82 has done this on his new project Life Beyond the Lights.

Take a sec to think back...to sitting on a park bench and looking back into your mind at how the city, the park, the life being experienced can be witnessed in one setting. The park bench is where when one is in youth is a resting spot. In teen age and young adult years it is a spot to post to see and crave opportunity arise and in elder years a place to remember the good old days as life continues to move pass. Notes82 rhymes from the wise perspective of life is a message and by catching the vibe of the city many lessons can be given and learned from the sounds of the cars, the chatter of people on the block or in your area or the consistent stories the streets/life tells as the sun falls and the moon rises on the days of our lives.

This album shows growth as Notes82 moves beyond his award nominated project Watch the View, into a new era of word play and experience at the podium of Hip-Hop class. Life Beyond the Lights hits home with a sign of the times like music like, New York Times. With influence from Jay-Z, his family and life itself, Notes82 is taking the listener not only on a journey through his own growth but into the truth of what music is and that is evolution from the eyes, pen and vocals of the prophets that bring the news of joy, pain, dance, and thought to the listener. Notes82 not only comes out of his bag with beats by Tone Jonez Young Swisher and Dreamlife. He also brings an elevated production of beats and his song Detox will change the way you hear Notes deliver and flow.

This album shows you that bringing New York back is stupid to say because there are quality artists that are coming from the Big Apple and the game just has to pay attention. Notes82 is the elevation of 90s Hip-Hop music. Will he be mentioned with the best? That depends on you because the quality is there, are you strong enough to life up the sound that represents the culture and not just one pocket of it. Write Tonight on this project is an anthem that can life up the game and shine a light on not only Notes82 but the home of the Hip-Hop culture itself. Life Beyond the Lights drops June 9th. Preorder your copy and receive great Hip-Hop music. Your ears and your soul will thank you in the process.



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