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Okie Doke - Water Ma Seeds | Video


Multi-talented Hip Hop artist Okie Doke releases his latest single and video "Water Ma Seeds".

This song is an open letter to his listeners, inviting them to take a journey through his emotions and thoughts dealing with loss, pain, hopelessness and growth for the next generation.

"Water Ma Seeds" is a true representation of Okie's unique style and creativity. He takes risks and it pays off huge for the listener. As we all continue to learn and focus more on mental health, "Water Ma Seeds" serves as a reminder that it is true art like this that will help us grow.

Check out the video below:


Okie Doke is a Inglewood California born & I.E raised M.C., producer, and musician. His lyricism & delivery are reminiscent of 90s Los Angeles & Bay Area MCs blended with the street poetry of legends. Okie is a complete artist and plays multiple live instruments in studio productions and brings amazing energy to stage.

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