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PreRolls Prepares The World For The Return of Cheef Bali

After dropping one of the hottest verses of the year last year, Cheef Bali returns to drop a new mixtape on the world to remind everyone that real bars matter. Pre Rolls takes everyone back to the feel of when MCs made their presence known to the world that not only did they have something to say, but you had better watch what you say when the time to battle comes around.

Pre Rolls is a collection of songs that Cheef Bali says "He had but wanted to put out to remind people how nice he is." After listening to this mixtape it is evident that Cheef feels he has a lot to prove and a lot to say to people that have slept on his skill set and his ability to bring beats to life. Not only does Cheef Bali describe himself as an MC but he shows his musicianship in many ways. Touching Afro Beats and Soulful lyrics over ballads, this mixtape was made to remind the public that the bars are not lacking and this is his gift to everyone that does not put him in the conversation of being one of the best artists out in NJ and Hip-Hop's independent music scene period.

Pre Rolls is a free mixtape available right now on HeritageHipHop.com right now so after reading this blog become a member of the website and get your free download of this mixtape.

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