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Queen Neveah Wins This Year's One Mic Award.

Every year Heritage Hip-Hop does an award show to celebrate and highlight talent that the world may miss and we feel deserves recognition. One award that we give out is the One Mic Award. This award is given to someone that makes a statement in Hip-Hop culture and stands out as a person looking to take a step forward in the culture by making not only their mark in the game but bringing something to the front that people may need to acknowledge and not overlook.

This year Queen Neveah took that step forward with her release of the Scarlip Remix of "This is New Jersey". Many people have brought out versions of the song but Queen Neveah's stood out by not only being one of the first to bring her version out. She also took the state on her back traveling from venue to venue opening up for veteran artists letting them know where she is from and that New Jersey Hip-Hop has a voice in the conversation always. Not only did she do that, this award is not for mainstream credibility as seen by her many interviews on various platforms, she has taken that energy of This is New Jersey and has translated it in representing for her family and the Hip-Hop community through fitness and dance teaching people life skills and staying in shape.

It is our pleasure to present Queen Neveah this award and we look forward to seeing where she goes in the future as an artist, as a teacher and as a person that is traveling the road of her Hip-Hop journey. Congratulations.

This is New Jersey (This is New York Scar-Lip Remix.)

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