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ReachingNova Reaches Another Level With A Timeless Project.

"God bless you my son, I pray for you everyday as you travel on this road to becoming timeless."

The definition of timeless is something that over time does not change. With the new album "Becoming Timeless", ReachingNova has given us something timeless that speaks to his character being translated into his love for music and expression. Life is an ongoing process of learning through experiences. When an artist can make music that can walk and travel with the listener in parts of their own lives' journies, we get a timeless experience.

ReachingNova has already made songs to talk about celebrating life and the good times. With this project he goes into the depth of the listener by bringing his questions to their ears. Most music tells the listener about the creator but this album begs the listener to reflect on who they are through listening to the lyrics and reflecting on themselves through the vibes, and music played in their souls. By asking who the listener is, by apologizing for missteps taken in his own life, and talking about the strength of having an appreciative love for someone we can hear and experience life's timeless journey in sound.

The music reaches levels of reflection and affectionate pairing of through the vibes and lyrics on this project. When the beats and the words talk to the soul and spirit of the listener, we get the remember when you heard...type of feeling. Celebration is one of those songs where someone celebrates being alive instead of being given another song about the grave, murder and death driven drug usage. One of the standouts to me is the song Cash N Nova. An artist that can bring a listener into their world and build from it into the outer reality is an MC and ReachingNova does that on this song. You get part of his life in different aspects. When in time, is anyone the same? We all change and that is defined as experience and/or growth.

In life we go through pain and we have our victories. The righteous proverb of counting your blessings is shown in this album as ReachingNova gives his heart and soul to this craft (Hip-Hop Advocate 2), his love (For You), and to the journey that is front of him (Reaching For The Stars). Continuing his path of making great music and inviting us along with him gives the culture credibility through the passion of the creator being able to share their creation. This is where God and Hip-Hop meet and never will separate from the culture because our own experiences.

We live to feel pain, joy, heartache, passion, love, anger, fear, war and peace. When an album can make you feel those things through thought, dance, tears and smiles then it becomes something timeless. People will always make music but can they make music that you can attach a life lesson or experience to? This album attempts this and hits the mark many times on different songs and that makes this creation live up to the title it is given. Becoming timeless is something that is hard to do, but when accomplished we all get the soul and compassion of the artist. We get the experience of living the journey of life to a new personal soundtrack. Most importantly we can pass this down to future generations to know what life was like and how we can grow from here. Hip-Hop is always under attack with the stigma of misogyny, and death hovering over it. Well here is an album to enjoy and LIVE with, as you walk through your musical and life journey together. By growing, living and passing your experiences on to someone else the lesson becomes timeless. Become timeless with not only this album but where it takes you as the journey travels one track to the next. When the listen is over, look back and ask yourself where was I when I started this album and where am I now? The answer will take you the listener to your next step in becoming timeless in your own journey as well.

Becoming Timeless is available on all streaming media click the link below to hear this album.

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Website: https://thenovaconcept.com/


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