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Real As Promised The Alumni Elevates Hip-Hop Music

People describe Hip-Hop as violent, sexual driven, drug induced and full of noise. In the era of mumbling, twerking and the get high, Real As Promised goes into the depth of his soul to release one of the most important releases of the year, "Alumni". Black Excellence is celebrated by word play, poignant music that hugs the soul as the lyrics relax the listener into a lesson of what Hip-Hop is and can be when it comes from your truth and not from an industry standard of mediocrity. The lead single "Black Jesus", is not only a masterful way to make Christ relatable, it also shows how Real As Promised creative writing is a prose to music and not rhymes to a beat. Alumni is one of those albums that we celebrate and one that will sit with the listener as I promise to you, you will compare this album to everything you will hear for a long time. Listen to this album and graduate from Rap to Hip-Hop, sound to music, from the fake to the real as promised.

Alumni available now on all Music Platforms:

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