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Remembering Black Rob (R.I.P)

The worst part about writing pieces like this is we have to recount things we remember of people that are gone. Due to the way of the world death has come so often it seems like we are remembering people that look like us too often. Same ages, same generations, and if not that people that we grew up listening too that you see as immortal.

See songs are immortal and Black Rob is solidified in Hip-Hop history with the song Whoa. But more than that, I understand Black Rob for being a surprise when it came to music. Black Rob won a source award for this album, Life Story. I wanted to know who was this and why did he win. When listening to Black Rob's album we heard grit and we heard the voice of someone that had a story to tell and a journey to travel.

Part of his travel led to many MCs, many shows and many trails and tribulations but Black Rob prevailed to tell his life story and to be an example of strength to all who knew him. One person that knew him was Quas Amil and when he talks of Black Rob he told us about the love respect and love of the game Black Rob had and how they worked together and made music. His time on Bad Boy Records led to music done with Notorious B.I.G and other top artists and people have connected with Black Rob through music, through meeting and the feeling his music has given.

I do not know Black Rob and as someone that only had the music to remember him by I will remember his voice and unfortunately remember the picture of him sick in his bed with kidney failure taking our brothers strength. I was on a live with his nurse and she said how they are working to get Black Rob strong so he can live and tell his story to the world.

Only God knows when it is time to close the book of life and it is our time to return to the essence. With Black Rob gone it is time for us to ask how are the artists protected? How do we support them when they are in the industry and they do not get healthcare, pension, life insurance etc? It is sad to see our heroes fall. Many musical artists are dying day to day and all we have of them are pictures and music. God Bless the family of Black Rob and may his spirit return to The Most High pleasant and with love.


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