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Riq carries the torch for Illtown

Tribute is given out of respect to an authority to show reverence and appreciation to the craft r position that the authority holds over something. In Hip-Hop tributes are not done often because of the pressure the new MC has to uphold the tradition of the original art that was created. Elzhi did it with Elmattic and Skyzoo did it with a Resonable Doubt tribute. Today we look at Riq fro the 050 Boyz and his tribute to the legendary group Naughty by Nature.

If you Don't know who Naughty By Nature is dammit use your google and stop playing yourself. Treach, Vinny and Kay G are superior when it comes to Hip-Hop be it Anthems, acting, delivery of beats and rhymes, and also business ventures outside of music. Naughty By Nature has proven to be Kings of the Hip-Hop culture straight from Illtown aka East Orange, NJ. Riq has grown under that desire and cut his teeth in cyphers, mixtapes and albums to bring out his own voice in this Hip-Hop genre and in doing such he has delivered a project that takes certain songs from Naughty By Nature's Catalog and updates them to pay homage to the legends from his town.

Riq is an aggressive, lyrical tyrant when on the microphone and it is shown on the many tracks he has delivered on. On this tribute mixtape, Illtown Anthems, nothing but raw lyrics come from Riq and the chosen Mcs he has used to help craft this excellent piece of work dedicated to Naughty. Songs like Yoke the Joker, Klickow Klickow, Written on ya Kitten shows that Riq knows the group he is honoring but also knows the expectations of being solid lyrically and presenting gold in his tribute to the kings of Illtown.

Download Illtown Anthems here: http://www.datpiff.com/RIQ-Illtown-Anthems-mixtape.909064.html

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