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Savvy the Savior is a new voice to be heard in Nj Hip-Hop

With the release of his second project, "Sonshine Frm Da East", Savvy the Savior is stepping out to become a new voice that is heard in NJ Hip-Hop. Coming from Roselle, NJ with his own sound production wise and lyrically, Savvy The Savior drops a 4 song EP to show the game he wants to make his mark in the culture. By doing his own production and writing his lyrics he takes total control of his sound and creativity. Be clear we celebrate all of NJ HIp-Hop and Savvy The Savior is worth the listen as he will grow his sound each track at a time.

His new album Sonshine Frm Da East is a new age boom bap sound with raw delivery. His album is available now on Bandcamp. His goal is to go world wide and inspire millions with his music. When Covid-19 breaks, look for him at a festival near you and catch his live show.


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