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Spice - Black Hypocrisy #1 In The USA And UK Skin Beaching


#1 USA & UK - -

Coming in at the top of the charts. Spice is the third DanceHall Artist to debut at #1 on top of the Reggae Charts in 2018. She is in great company alongside

Konshens and Xyclone Meck It Clap (Remix)

Konshens and Xyclone Meck It Clap (Remix) Not only is she #1 in the USA she's also has the top spot in the UK.? s the top spot in the UK.?

Spice has stirred up a lot of controversy over her change of complexion. The artist newest look resembles bleaching of the skin. This coincides with her latest song Black Hypocrisy. She is bringing to light the hatred amongst our own community over light skin and dark skin. Millions of people have and are still bleaching their skin. You'll often hear somebody say oh you're too black oh you're too light. Instead of just loving and accepting each other. This division has a deeper root stemmed from racism and hatred of Black people. Many people grew up knowing that if your white or light skin more opportunities come your way. Bleaching is very dangerous and has destroyed people's skin and lives. Black is beautiful you are beautiful light of dark skin. A culture that live off of hate fear racism greed Slavery with a clear history of destruction of man has set forth the destruction of of blackness in millions of way. Bleaching is just one factor and it's working.

“A World Health Organization study found that 40% of Chinese women regularly use skin-lightening creams. That number is 61% in India and 77% in Nigeria.

A landmark US study in 2011 found that light-skinned black women receive shorter prison sentences than dark-skinned black women. In 2015, another study found that white interviewers regarded light-skinned black and Hispanic job applicants as more intelligent than darker-skinned” Coco Khan

World Wide from Jamaica to the United States of America Bleaching is a multi Billion industry. Sales are projected to reach $31 plus Billion Dollars by the year 2024. Bleaching is illegal in many countries yet people take the risk for a chance at a better life. Faddys Place

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