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Statement Award is Given to DJ Kayslay, Papoose, Mysonne and AZ for the song 'Story of My Life'.

In Hip-Hop messages were the foundation of what the culture brought to the ears of the mainstream. There was a time Hip-Hop screamed for justice against the hate that mainstream news culture portrayed against it. We had music that talked about single parenthood, broken homes, ghetto life in general and injustice from the government on many levels. Today HIp-Hop on the radio especially does not give those over tones as much with drug induced Hip-Hop and lack of Mcs being leaders in the community but rather being "rock stars" and apathetic to real life selling dreams and false realities to the masses that just nod their heads in agreement.

In the cycle for the award year from Heritage Hip-Hop we want to acknowledge one song that bucked that trend done by DJ Kayslay. As a legend in the game his projects speak true to the value of the Hip-Hop culture by bringing reality into the music. Papoose spits about the double standard of women that stick by men and men that do not do the same for their women and wanting to break that trend and being a married man. Mysonne speaks about growing up and being a family man and taking care of business. AZ talks about being true and watching those around you that do not have our best interest at heart. When Hip-Hop gives men messages like this the results will help the community and inspire us to do better and want better, knowing that life is bigger than the block and we have a world to establish not only for ourselves but for the women who stand by us and the children that will watch us in the community as well. So we at Heritage Hip-Hop Salute these men and we leave the link to video below. Check out the video for Story of My Life, off the album The Big Brother by DJ KaySlay.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFyrVJL9CCE

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