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The Lord of the Sewers Brings back that feeling.

It takes a great talent to change the landscape of the culture with skill and a vision. Smokey Lox brings not only lyrics to the table, but with solid production and a well organized plan this project is a great listen and a journey into sound and bars.

The Hex Effect Vol 2. Lord of the Sewers brings back bars, cuts, scratches and creative word placement. This is Hip-Hop from the 90s updated with today's creativity and poise. Smokey is a Brick City MC that you should take notice to and salute to his movement Sewerline Ent. with his brother Bert MCgert. They make up the B.O.D. (Brothers of Destruction) and they make it a point to never be forgotten.

Be sure to take the time to listen to this great album and check out the new single "Lord of the sewers." NJ Hip-Hop is in a great place plug into greatness.

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