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The Savage Era is here. What side do you choose?

There are certain artists that push the envelope of thought, sound, music, and messaging in their time to deliver to the world their talents. Samad Savage once again comes to the table with a centerpiece that challenges all artists to acknowledge their duality when creating a narrative for their respected projects. As a bold artist, Samad Savage is one that will change the concept of truth when it comes to being just that, an artist with a purpose and not one that just creates cause they can.

Duo-Litty was an experience that I had at a listening party that bought out some of the respected names in the NJ Hip-Hop scene. Veterans and new faces alike came out to hear what was being given on the new album from Samad as the crowd was pulled in from the harmonic sounds that came from the mind of a trailblazer. Samad Savage is a NJ Hip-Hop great among the many that try to be heard in the culture. The King set up his courtroom and justice was served over beats that expanded Samad's delivery from song to song. One of the stand out tracks that was premiered was Bloom. The essence of the song and the album tackles the human concept of having more than one experience in life and acknowledging it as we grow and understand who we are in life's grand scheme. With songs about love, heartbreak, respect, and disrespect this album hits the brain with emotion, clarity, depth and surface level joy that shows the dopeness of being alive not just living a life that has ups and downs with out learning the lessons those roller coaster moments bring. The song Angel talks about loss and the classic song Good Night closes the album with Samad not only closing the door on any question of who he is but his impact on others when they experience a Samad Savage album.

Having Mr. Porter of D-12 contribute to an album is a amazing feat indeed, but the best part of the album is the growth of Samad putting on his crown humbly and striking doubters of his love for the craft of music (not just Hip-Hop), by telling them to watch their mouths when a living legend in the making is among them. Samad said he wants to have his own era when it comes to music and I believe we are in the era of greatness now. My dream would be for the world to know how spoiled NJ Hip-Hop is with his talents. Duo-Litty would force people to step their games up and that what's sad about about the mainstream music scene. They want to give us the best, but we get repetitive garbage that is called music from them that is trash.

Black Friday 2021 Duo-Litty changes that narrative as it is released on all music platforms. If an era is defined as the standard in which life is maintained by a single belief, than we truly are in the Savage Era of Hip-Hop with Samad bringing lyrics, beats, real life emotion and fun to the forefront of the music world. Follow Samad Savage and purchase his new album today. With 2 classic albums already released, you will not be disappointed by this project as well. Just as a coin has 2 sides this album will bring out sides that may not even acknowledge as they both hold value to the overall picture...the value of your experiences being priceless.

Samad Savage:

Duo-Litty is available here:


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