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Trust the Weird Kids...The Growth of Samad Savage

In today's world Hip-Hop has grown to the point where everyone can rap and make tracks, That over saturation of music helps people lose the effect and the joy of discovering new artists and music. A lot of good, great, and classic music gets lost. Especially now that everyone can add into Hip-Hop culture we now run the risk of not hearing the voice of the people that are not traditional from the streets Hip-Hoppers. Now a days the "weird" kids are now creating and the world is taking notice to their voices. Now cosplay is in Hip-Hop, anime is in Hip-Hop and those voices are leading a charge in Hip-Hop that is not drug induced and murder driven. This is where conscious Hip-Hop and life meet. Samad Savage finds his niche in being truthful and making music that is about finding the voice of those that experience being shunned but have something to say.

Trust the Weird Kids talks to people that deal with issues of not fitting in and having issues that people find hard to talk about like abuse, self esteem and ego. This album talks to the soul of the young man and woman that is living life while coming out of peer pressure and looking for truth in a broken society. Dealing with issues in side of the mind and with people in relationships and the greater society is the equation every living soul must solve. This album is a peek into the mind of an artist that seeks to do just that. Samad Savage made this album to tackle these issues and to help people solve the equation of life through beats, insightful lyrics and the rhythm of life. Trust the Weird Kids is a continuation in the growth of Samad Savage the artist and Samad Savage the man.

By taking part in listening to this album you will be treated to not only beats and rhymes you will be given the chance to see the world through the eyes of a young man that wants to change the world, and not just exist within it. The point of art is to reflect life and this artist used a verbal and musical paint brush to paint pictures of pain, and uses our joy of music to get us to identify and listen to the inner and outer voices of society. Trust the Weird Kids is the one of the best albums to drop this year. Listen to the message of the album and to help you get it pay attention to each song on the track list. Samad Savage spoils the average Hip-Hop fan with great music and gives the mindful fan something to listen for as well. If this is a weird kid that does Hip-Hop maybe we should let the weird kids in and lead the charge. Maybe we should trust them to lead the genre into its' next great era.

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Gail Campbell
Gail Campbell
28 de jun. de 2019

Good blog!

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