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Urban Taste gives Great Food and Great Entertainment

Urban Taste is a restaurant that feeds the body great food with a home cooked loving touch. With a soul food menu that not only brings the palate to remember better days of eating with friends or at a family table, this restaurant gives the joy of eating a good meal and being filled with the taste of joy in every bite from the delicious spread you are given when served.

The Atmosphere is beautiful with art on the wall ranging from a dedication piece of Chadwick Boseman and the Black Panther, to pictures of flowers, vases and portraits of women of the culture. the restaurant serves your spread of soul food from Fish to greens with a hearty salad to tasters choices like Hennessy Chicken and Hennessy Lemonade. This restaurant gives southern charm and class to East Orange, NJ's business sector and is a place I highly recommend to eat, chill and to enjoy a night out on a date, a business dinner, or with family. Urban taste feeds the body with great food and on Friday nights they also feed the spirit with Entertainment.

Every Friday Urban Taste teams with HGMtv, and Grumpy ENT. to present the Urban Mic Showcase hosted by Grumpy Old Man of 8 Squad Rebel Radio. Every Friday some veteran MCs known and unknown as well as new faces to the general audience appear and perform at this showcase. Quality Hip-Hop, RnB, and poetry has been displayed at the showcase and video of one of the showcases are included below to highlight the host of the event and some great artist from the State of NJ Hip-Hop..

Check out Urban Taste 495 Central Ave, East Orange, NJ. For a great meal and to see great entertainment Urban Taste offers the best fulfilling enjoyment to the palate. your tongue will be blessed by the meals cooked and your spirit will be fulfilled by the entertainment given at the establishment. Do yourself a favor to experiencing great food with great live music. Pandemic be damned not that NJ is opening up come out and live again at Urban Taste.


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