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What I Will Say (Az Izz vs. Eminem)

If you have been under a rock you have missed the announcement of war that is being raged for respect and principal that leaked over into a music battle. For those of you that have not heard of Stanuary 20th let me clue you in. Az Izz of the Outsidaz waged war on Eminem to solidify his voice in the Hip-Hop arena as going against the machine. What does that mean? It means whether he wins or loses musically he won what many people fight and die for in life and that is respect.

Eminem is a lightning rod in Hip-Hop. We know he is "White" in a "Black" Hip-Hop culture that is built upon the backs of Inner city people of Melanin. Is that the issue? No not really. The issue I have seen is the main question we have heard for years in NJ Hip-Hop & Brick City Hip-Hop history: Why didn't Eminem look out for the Outsidaz when he blew up? Who was D12 and why does Shady/Aftermath not have the people that group he shouts out and is apart of on HIS label? This question has been posed many times and we never got the answer to this questions and so many more. The sad part about this is Em never addressed this and over time we saw a super group melt into the memories of people that know and become a legend to those that heard of but did not know. Az Izz's stand to against the grain in this case poses a question. Why now and what is he still doing this for?

If you don't get it let me explain. Respect is something that goes beyond music. It applies to music, the race card issue and even life lessons we have been forced to learn due to American law and society. But any way this is looked at RESPECT is the main issue Az Izz is looking for and he does have a right to speak out and let the world know how he feels. What I Can't Say was his first song to talk about Em and though it did not hit like a diss song his testament to the issue or being heard and listened to was made. Royce Da 5'9 was addressed on Soup Of The Day and now Pace Won Az Izz's group mate in The Outsidaz comes to bat with him on the track The Come Up. Once again is this about Eminem's response? No because whether he responds or not Az Izz has made his point.

This Battle was won before it even started This battle is not about Hip-Hop or music. This is a battle about principal and what side you choose to be on. Artistry is one thing but respect is a whole other battle to wage war for. Because we are talking about this battle Az Izz claims a victory but the final victory will come when this matter is closed, If Eminem does not ever answer the question of why and with the machine behind him no matter how many songs, views, streams, etc. he has this one issue will follow his entire career. This same issue was raised from people in Detroit by Esham, Champtown, and his older group and now by another group in NJ. Funny trend don't you think so? In my personal opinion Eminem can rhyme his ass off and has gotten the cosign of people in the culture as he does deserve them due to the music he has created. He has helped give people jobs and to celebrate the culture. See Royce Da 5'9, D12, Obie Trice, Slaughterhouse, Shade 45 XM Radio to say the least. Yet, in the end Em's legacy, as great as it is, will always have this open wound and it is on him to close it. Until then Az Izz poses the one question we want to know, Why? Until we get that answer Stanuary 20th is a yearly event until we finally get this answer.


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