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Why Come to Heritage Hip-Hop?

Heritage Hip-Hop was created because there is a gap between the generations of Hip-Hop listeners and participants. We have great Hip-Hop legends that have passed away that will be forgotten if we do not preserve their legacies. We remember Notorious B.I.G, Easy E, Tupac, Big Pun, GURU and Big L when legacies are brought up in conversation. But what about Gov Mattic, Big Snuff, Nalm Myers and the many rappers, dancers, artists and other creators that have given to our Hip-Hop culture. What vehicle do we have to embrace the growing Hip-Hop culture that includes comics books, anime, cosplay, video games, and other extensions of technology that has grown into our Hip-Hop Culture? The answer is Heritage Hip-Hop.

This Website will celebrate everything Hip-Hop by embracing the old and the new. We will include the entrepreneur and the small business owner. We will talk music, and politics while also talking about issues in Hip-Hop and our world culture. Thank you for joining this walk with us and let's make history by knowing ours and writing our future together. PEACE

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