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Will Sully The Base Ain't Free

Sometimes good music will remind you of the need to find a get a fix of something that can be intoxicating to your spirit. If you don't understand let me take you on a journey of getting high on the rhythm of life. There was a time when music came every now and again and people had to wait a year or 2 for their favorite artist to release a new album. The back drop for these times were hustling in the streets and the anthems of our neighborhoods reflected the sounds of the culture that came from the radio, the television or the sound of car's music system that drove by while we were outside doing what we do. Sometimes there are album's that can take us back to those times and remind us of the feeling of getting high on the love, and newness of the culture one beat, one song, and one CD jacket at a time. Today we have music that comes out so frequently that now the high of a good song and the feeling of regional identity is lost and the fix does not last as long. What can return us to the good feeling of having a good sounds, and an anthem that can recall the good old days, as some would say, still give us that new feeling with that old touch?

Will Sully is an artist that has taken that challenge and he released his new offering to the people looking to get a fix of the real sound and feeling that the culture has been missing, After dropping Free Base, and letting the world know that good music is still around, he offers a second dosage of "dope" music that is now entitled, Base Ain't Free. With a return to beats that speak through sample chords and beats that speak through drums and a mellow story, Will Sully puts himself in position as a person that remembers the past but respects the future by not being stuck in it. Base Ain't Free is a new project that will tickle the ear with solid production and a call back to the park bench, the story rhyme, and more importantly the balance of knowing there is more to Hip-Hop music and the culture besides what is shown solely on the mainstream media outlets.

With songs like Tables Turn, Brick by Brick, and Slimey the traditional NYC Hip-Hop sound is celebrated by lyrical execution with music that can be injected into one's system and leave a head nod that is reminiscent of the euphoria of good music and the feeling of leaving the world and being trapped into the scene of a intoxicating Hip-Hop song. Give Will Sully's new project, Base Ain't Free, a listen and you will feel the 90's era of Hip-Hop return with the feeling of a musical high that will slow the ear down and lyrically give a story that most people miss in today's new packaging of entertainment and sound. The Base is not free though you will invest time and effort into this one and the ROI, or Return On Investment with this project will be not a fix of something new that comes the next week, but a rehashing or a second hit of something familiar and then you will see if you are hooked to the sound that is NYC Hip-Hop full of the Base, Rhymes and Delivery that makes that Queens, New York sounds so flavor. The Base is not Free is neither is the time given to art that is relived over and over, song by song.

Base Ain't Free will be release October 31st on all Music Platforms, tune in.



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