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Y.N.X.716 - History/ Solid Gold Soul | Video

Hailing from Buffalo, NY, Y.N.X.716 delivers a joint video for his singles "History" and "Solid Gold Soul".

YNX has been working on his double album "Side A. Oldies and Side B. Live from the 90s" where he demonstrates the evolution and highlights how 90s Hip Hop was strongly influenced by the oldies.

Y.N.X.716 is an elite lyricist from Buffalo New York. He has worked with Conway The Machine, Kool G Rap, 38spesh and many more.

In this double video, Y.N.X.716 delivers "History" produced by 9bows, which represents the 90s style Hip Hop we all love and the second portion of the video "Solid Gold Soul", produced by Slikedat, which is a Hip Hop / Soul record with a Good Fellas feel.

Check out the video and grab your copy of the song below:

Album Link:


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