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A & N on R&B Joins The Heritage Hip-Hop Network!

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Heritage Hip-Hop is not only a podcast it is a movement. As a movement we introduce new people and new ideas to our network that can push the envelope forward and bring great conversation and fresh perspectives to the website and more. To continue moving forward with building the premiere network, we want to introduce a team that talks life with a twist using R&B music as their inspiration.

A & N On R&B is a podcast that is hosted by Big A, Nika LaDean and Nas the Romantic. Each person on this podcast brings something new to Heritage Hip-Hop and the podcasting world:

Big A is a fellow member of the Goodfellaz family and with radio experience he is the voice of the podcast. He loves to talk music, fragrances and how to set the mood with his conversation. Coming from a musical background as well we present his view on music and look forward to his perspective of life and making memories through the feel of the conversation.

Nika LaDean is the beauty on the scene and the songstress of the show. As an active singer who has 3 hit singles out now she brings her energy to the show with her Top 5 segment. Nika talks about the top 5 songs that are relatable to a person's day and moment they are in. We have had her Top 5 songs for mental health that are all R&B related. We know that a person's playlist can tell you where they are in their lives emotionally but who does not have a song attached to a memory or event in their lives? We introduce you to the starlet songstress of the A & N on R&B Podcast:

Nas the Romantic completes the trio of this podcast and he brings in the history and depth of songs created and their impact. He brings the thought process of what if this song was released and heads up the segment Wasted Potential on the podcast. Nas likes to talk about the impact of songs and how songs have impacted his life and set the stage for meaningful events in not only his life but highlighting how music is used to coincide with special events to the listeners' lives as well.

A & N on R&B is available on Youtube and Instagram. Shows will begin to appear shortly on Spotify and various streaming platforms. Stay tuned to Heritage Hip-Hop for more from them as well. We look forward to meeting your needs for Culture, Conversation and more with a hint of music and a touch of soul. We are more than Music.

Social Media:

A & N on R&B Youtube Page:





Nas The Romantic: @THE_TRUTH128


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