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Alex Ford - Do Dat ft KNOE | Single


Perth, Western Australia. The most isolated major city on the planet. A far cry from the birthplace of Hip Hop, but Hip Hop is very much alive and thriving in this often forgotten outpost, which just shows how truly universal this music has become. Born and raised in Perth, Alex Ford, like many, is a son to parents who emigrated here from England. His mothers side however is connected directly to that very birthplace of Hip Hop with a multitude of uncles, aunties and cousins still living in The Bronx. Ford's Grandfather was in fact the first African American to play professional football in Britain. So it's no surprise that as an artist, Ford has a multitude of influences to draw on, and it's evident in his delivery and musical choices.

Isolation tends to breed unique flora and fauna, and culture seems to be affected the exact same way. Perth has birthed acts such as Tame Impala and Empire of the Sun in recent years, and it's these unique voices that Ford wants to stand along side. His new single Do Dat, is part Lofi, part Jazz, with a sprinkle of Boom Bap heavy drums for good measure. Joined by fellow Perth native KNOE, another wholly individual MC, this is a song for the smokers sections. Or just something you bump on a lazy afternoon drive. The two MC's show what most of us already know, which is, you don't need to sound like everybody else to make great music. In fact, the recipe for good music, is not sounding like everybody else.

Stream the song or grab your copy below.



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