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Barmitzvah Returns With Life Music

Maturity sometimes is hated in the Hip-Hop world as told by those that are not members of our community. We are groomed to uphold the respect of the elders and people that guide us in our walks of life. From boys to men and girls to women. The idea of being old is never met with joy but in the experience of aging it is the wisdom gained that aids us in appreciating our journey through life and Grey Hairs by Barmitzvah serves that to us lyrically and musically.

This song touches on the perspectives of life that touch on realness, relationships, ownership and inspiration. As we live and learn we encounter experiences that bring the age conversation into a relevant point in our lives and we need to converse and express it through creativity. In a world that said rappers past 30 are played out, we have seen Nas and other artists push against those prejudiced thoughts and extended the boundaries of thought to show that a creator's strength is not in youth but experience. The song Grey Hairs is the same. Grown perspective over a smooth thoughtful beat that will leave the mind of a man in thought and will drop seeds in the mind of the youth to prepare them for the road ahead.

Grey Hairs features the talents of:

Grey Hairs is available on all streaming platforms, look forward to more from them and Heritage Hip-Hop in the future.




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