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Billy Danze of M.O.P. Gears Up For 'Top 5' Multi-Track Single Release

Unsurpassed music career… #1 icon in millions of Top 5’s…a lyrical arsonist…a Hulk-sized monstrosity pushing verses to the masses…simply the best to ever do it then, now, and to come. Billy Danze (1/2 of the legendary Hip Hop group M.O.P) continues to keep audiences pacing like feigns, on the edge of their seats, nail-biting with every back-to-back multi-track single release. He’s given us ‘The 6 Pack,’ ‘The Baker’s Dozen,’ ‘The Listening Session,’ and ‘The Re-Listening Session.’ All leading up to the future release of ‘The Billy Danze’ project.

Not to provoke further anticipation, but Danze has plenty to get off his chest before unleashing ‘The Billy Danze’ project. Recently, Danze embarked on another full-throttle lab session to create a new multi-track single titled ‘Top 5.’ Understand these 5 tracks were originated with the thought and mindset of dropping earlier on, in a different space of Hip Hop.

‘Top 5’ includes “Best of Both Worlds,” “Buick Music,” “MOPs For Life,” “No Cap,” and “Purge.” Fans and audiences can catch snippets of ‘Top 5’ along with commentary from Billy Danze himself on YouTube and all Social Media platforms.

With only 5 songs Billy Danze embodies the cusp of Hip Hop and a time when Top 5’s were introduced. From hardcore anthems to in-your-face gritty tracks to catchy hooks and vibes to endless, potent Quotables. Hip Hop heads worldwide prepare for ‘Top 5’ by Billy Danze.

The Chief is back:


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