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Blerd-Hop: Dr. Dre and Grand Theft Auto Change The Music Landscape.

Hip-Hop is everywhere and the culture innovates the world into the progression of not only sound but technology as well. Rockstar Games and Dr. Dre have worked together to debut new music from one of the G.O.A.Ts. People have been waiting for new music from the Doctor since the 2015 soundtrack Compton was released. With a new EP composed of 6 new songs, Dr. Dre brings something to the GTA franchise that has never been done before. A Video Game could be the place to release new projects exclusively and that could be the new norm in the age of technology that we are currently in.

Music is everywhere and video games are no different. Music can help make a game go to the next level with an audio experience that can make the average gamer pause the game to absorb the music, or change the levels in their game to highlight the music and turn down the games audio to vibe to the score of the game while being brought into a "new" world. This is an innovation I have been looking for since Jay Electronica made Exhibit A and it was the song that made Fight Night Champion more than just a boxing game. It had the hottest new song out and all of my friends bought the game to get the song because they could not find the song anywhere. GTA Online wins where so many other games fail.

The win comes not only from people that play the game getting new content to play the game but it merges the interest of people that want games with people that want music as well. Imagine if Drake comes out with a new project and a video game is the only place it can be streamed or heard for a time. That revolutionizes how music can be distributed and used in the video game market. The real genius is how Dr. Dre is in the game as well and a music video was made using his character from the game to produce something we do not see in the music industry too often which is digital partnerships to push product. In the age of NFTs this can be the new norm and Dr. Dre and Rockstar games are well ahead of the curb.

Check out the music video below and think will video games now be used to move exclusive music? Can this marriage bring forth a new genre in music and push the Hip-Hop culture forward? Dr. Dre has been in front of the innovative culture with Beats Speakers, Headphones and now with music videos in games that connect to the story that promotes new music to have as well. Hip-Hop and technology is walking into the future hand in hand with Dr. Dre as the artist and innovator making bold changes to the music landscape. You never know the next big independent artist may premiere in a song and in game video in your next generation video game console or online gaming very soon. Tune in for the change and be sure to play GTA Online: The Contract today for more.


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