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Boom Bap Hip-Hop is Alive! Sadat X & El Da Sensei's XL Album Review.

In the era where people are tired of hearing drill and trap music, people ask "Where is the real Hip-Hop"? First we do not discredit anyone's art but boom Bap music is special to HIp-Hop purists. It is the essence of the drum and the MC rocking over a beat that moves the listener side to side. In the time where other rappers have said this is "old" and not "Lit", Sadat X and El Da Sensei help to prove the naysayers wrong with the album "XL".

This album takes us back with the DJ setting the tone with mixing albums highlights bringing in the the beginning of the albums feature presentation...Showmanship. Sadat X and El Da Sensei display their own unique style of MC marksmanship with their individual signature voices and flow styles. Songs like Breakthrough and the first track Dotty X & The Sen, show that these MCs have chemistry and know how to rock a track rather than just rapping to music. They have a chemistry that works and makes the flow of the album work. The album's master piece is the delivery of the 90s era champions of Hip-Hop that showed that their veteran status does not mean that they have diminished on the microphone. D.I.T.C crew member AG, R.A. the Rugged Man, the legendary Sa-Roc, Nutso and Bumpy Knuckles help to shape this album into a bar delivered album that takes us back into 90s era Hip-Hop. Every MC here is original and has a voice and delivery all of their own. Couple that, with beats that have a bass drop and melody to it, this album is not just a revisitation of 90s era music, it is a return of the 90s feel, and that feeling is the essence of true Hip-Hop.

These 2 Mcs show that they are more than members of legendary groups that have made legendary, classic music. That they are more than solo 90s artists that can still rap in an industry that is trying to age out 90s era rappers and the boom bap sound. If you as a Hip-Hop fan, would like to hear quality Hip-Hop delivered from the creation of genuine MC rhyme delivery and use of words to build songs not just rap on a beat, this album IS for you. Listen to the album XL. It is available on all music media outlets and streaming services.

Album Link: https://vindig.bandcamp.com/album/xl

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