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Brenda's Son Will Change The World.

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

This story does not begin at birth, no that is too typical. This story begins when a young man came home from school and his father told him about a rapper he wanted him to know about. He told his son that the rapper gifted him something special. The rapper gifted this young man a white towel that said "Here Comes the Lords", on it. From that day Do It All was not a statement it was a name. As time went forward the young man was able to meet and learn of who Do It All was. From music videos to video games the Chief Rocka himself crossed paths with this young man on many occasions but they didn't know the true impact they would have to each other.

Do It All Du has changed the understanding of Hip-Hop by showing us that Hip-Hop is not only a music genre (to the outside world), but a platform to grow and mature not only a brand but to mature a man into leadership. He has traveled the world showing the globe "Black Men", not only say rhymes on stage but can live on principles and mold communities as well. By running for Councilman at Large in Newark, NJ , Mr. Dupre' Kelly aka Do It All not only was the funky child from the song that made the hood stand up. He was the leader that made the outside world take notice that change had come to the Hip-Hop landscape as well. Hip-hop was now vying for political seats to change the community not just 1 beat and lyric at a time but 1 voice and 1 vote at a time as well.

The other young man in this story was once again able to cross paths with Do It All at a listening party where he was able to present him with an award. The Gov Mattic Award for pushing Hip-Hop forward outside of the music, to keep the culture alive and to preserve the achievements of those that came before them to create change. Do It All not only accepted but he gave thanks to God, to the inspiration of Gov Mattic but also to his mother Ms. Brenda. Because Do It All believes in service he gave again to the Hip-Hop community by having an album ready to release and previewed it to the room. This album changes the narrative.

Hip-Hop is not all drugs, sex, turn up and violence. It is also heart felt, loving, inspiring, and life giving as well. With a production team that rivals any ban, lyrics that can change direction and flow with honest delivery, we were not only treated to good music but to the narration of the vibe by Ms. Brenda herself. Do It All gave us his greatest gifts of all on this album; his mother's love and his life's truth to learn from. He affectionately named this album Brenda's Son to incorporate his mother into his most poignant and open album he has ever done.

The Album Brenda's Son comes out March 17th 2020, and it will change the way we look at Do It All, Hip-Hop and "Black Men" in general. In a time where men do not express themselves well, he found a way to bring you into his life and honor not only the listener with a well put together album (check out choices), he honors his mother by letting her truth live as we go for a ride through his life to see him go from a boy to a man that changed the narrative of his story by believing not only in his dream but the love of his mother to overcome a harsh city, and the hard reality of inner city pain.

Brenda's Son will change the game. The album will teach you not only about yourself with every listen but about a man that grew from a boy, to a rapper, into a political sign of hope in his city and to the world. Whether people buy or stream the album, Brenda's Son will be something they will never forget. Christ once said that we can see the Father through him. Well, to be honest, we can see the album through the life of Mr. Dupre Kelly as he continues to live not only for the music and Hip-Hop culture. We see him live out his mother's love and his belief in better not only for himself but his city. Congratulations Do It All, the world is your stage and the album/your story is the masterpiece performance that not only makes Gov proud but inspires us all continuously in our days.

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