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Cardi B IS the Female MC of the Year

There is no denying what Cardi B has done this year, and people can hate or have their opinions but the stats speak for themselves. Who else has the number 1 hits and has turned the culture on it's ear. Whether it's Bodak Yellow or Like It Like That, Cardi B's music is everywhere. Fights at fashion week have not slowed her down or even new motherhood. Her project was well thought out and planned as her career went from Reality TV personality on Love & HipHop, to #1 on the Billboard with 3 different singles. This year has been Cardi B's year and we congratulate her on her success. Let's see if she can continue this run with an ignited beef with Nicki Minaj and let's see where this feud goes. We hope it stays on music and that hopefully these ladies will be just that and fight hard for the culture and not the things that are outside of it, distracting their success.

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